Doctor of Business Administration

Program brief:

The Doctor of Business Administration program is aimed at producing students who are confident and able to understand, comprehend and carry out relevant research related to problems faced by business organizations. The graduates are motivated, independent, knowledgeable and with the attitude that can put them ahead in the international business marketplace. They will be experts in their field of research and possess critical thinking in solving business-oriented problems.

The program duration is 3 years but can be finalized in minimum 2. Students will study selected modules specialized in business administration during the first year. They will finish each module within a period of 4 to 8 weeks. They will then move to Research and Dissertation phase which can take 1 or 2 years. Once they graduate, students will be awarded Doctor of Business Administration.

Program Details:


18 – 24 months

Study Mode:

Blended learning

Learning centers





Entry Requirements:

Master or equivalent

IELTS 6.0 or equivalent

Medium of Teaching:

English or alternative languages provided by SSBH’s local learning centers

Exit Requirements:

Pass all courses and final thesis

Why this program?

  • Yield the benefits of Switzerland’s higher education reputation.
  • Lecturers with excellent qualification and experience in the respective field.
  • Master research methodology and skills.
  • Improve analytical, critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Enable students to conduct their own research papers.
  • Combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

Career Opportunities

  1. Private corporation and nonprofit sectors:

 – Consultant – Management, research, etc.

 – Entrepreneur/Business Owner.

  1. Education:

 – Administration

 – Academic

  1. Government institutions

 – Administration, management, etc.

 – Research & development

Program Structures

Students will study selected modules specialized in Business Administration as follows:

  • Total credit hours for the whole program is 120 ECTS.
  • Each module equals to 10 ECTS.
  • Research proposal preparation 10 ECTS
  • Research & Dissertation 60 ECTS 


Strategic Management

To equip students with theoretical and practical knowledge in carrying out strategic management research.

Research Philosophy

To equip students with theoretical knowledge and practical understanding of the major philosophical and methodological issues and approaches involved in carrying out scholarly business research.

Research Methodology

To equip students with theoretical and practical knowledge in carrying out a scholarly business research.

Advanced Statistics

To equip students with theoretical and practical knowledge in utilizing advanced statistical tools in analysing research data.

Multivariate Analysis

To equip students with theoretical and practical knowledge in using and utilizing methods and techniques of multivariate data analysis

Project paper

Doctor of Business Administration