Prepare yourself and get ready for a new world
SSBT understand that students, who are going to study overseas, properly face many challenges such as getting a visa, homesickness, feeling out of place in the new country, language barrier and even culture-shock. Therefore, a PRE-DEPARTURE PROGRAM is very important for students.
The program is designed to help students get ready, feel comfortable in Switzerland and avoid big culture shock and homesickness. The Pre-departure program will help students deal with the cultural, personal and social challenges they would face during their studies.

Who should join the program?

  • The program is mandatory for all SSBT students before departing to Switzerland
  • Students who plan to study at SSBT in Switzerland
  • Students who haven't lived overseas or far from home
  • Students who are lacking language skills

When can I join the program?

  • The program is open monthly. You can contact your agents or our admission team for registration

How long do I study?

  • Depending on your foreign language level, you will join the program from 2 weeks to 6 months.

What will I learn?

Pre-departure program will be conducted in the frameworks of visa, living independently and cultural awareness

  • Academic program: General information about what you will learn in Switzerland.
  • Country and canton briefing: General information about Switzerland and the canton where you will live
  • Culture profile: Differences between Vietnamese culture and Swiss culture
  • Cultural adaptation: Intercultural and culture shock
  • Living independently: Make new friends, overcome homesickness and live independently
  • Visa preparation: prepare motivation letter, visa documents and interview.
  • Dining: Western breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Language: Intensive German/ French and English learning.
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