Allegra has been successfully offering corporate lan- guage training for over a decade. Most students are man- agers and highly qualified professionals. So even though the courses were about learning a foreign language such as German, English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and many other languages, the topics discussed in class were always business related. It was therefore a an obvious next step to add business courses as well. We take pride in of- fering this new program in cooperation with our valued partner “Swiss School of Business and Technology“ in our beautiful, brand new campus in Horgen. What stu- dents particularly like about Allegra is the international audience, the friendly atmosphere, the great location of our modern campuses and the highly motivated and en- gaged staff.


Mandatory German language as a foreign language for non-English and non-German speaking country

Intensive One-Year Course A1– B2 for Students with Visa

Learn German and benefit from small groups and lots of conversations. Experienced teachers will prepare you for the telc exams.

After the course you can take the internationally recognized “Zertifikat Deutsch” (B2) from telc, The European Language Certificates (the equivalent of Goethe Institute).


“German A1” preparation course:

Basics in oral and written communication for everyday life and for the job

“German A2” preparation course:

Extended oral and written communication for everyday life and for the job

“German B1” preparation course:

Advanced skills in oral and written communication for everyday life and work

“German B2” preparation course:

Competent in understanding complex topics and in formulating clear and detailed texts




50 weeks (incl. exam preparation)

Lessons per week

15 lessons, each 45 minutes

5 teacher coached exercise lessons, each 60 minutes

Group size

4 to max. 10 students

Completion certificate


telc Zertifikat

telc german B2 CHF 300.

Additional Modules


Grammar repetition


Conversation class


City excursions, movie nights, cracker barrel etc.


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