SSBT student network all over the world are engaged in a lifelong learning process though our famous network of active SSBT network. Headed by our senior faculty, leaders all over the world inspire, help and encourage other leaders of the network every day.

We believe that benefit of a society is higher when both former and students of today can meet. Therefore all students are invited.  

They share issues, problems and challenges in a trusted and exclusive environment of equals and SSBT faculty. And everyday, they form new solutions and ways to improve their own work environment.


Alumni "Managers of the Future" Network

We call our SSBT Society "Managers of the Future" to signal that our Network is oriented towards new methods of management and new technological solutions to support this.

Our Society is also giving the participants a global network with activities in all parts of the world.

Students and graduates of the program are automatically eligible as members of the Society (there is no membership fee, and many of the events are free, but a fee does apply for some of the events) of the IEG, partaking in the executive network.

1) The agenda of the SSBT Network is:
  • The Facebook network (free)
  • The Annual Alumni Event, (fee apply for each country)
  • International speakers online events (free)
  • Lifelong learning activities (fee applies)

2) You are always welcome at SSBT centers around the world or at our partners

Also, we make the SSBT premises available for current classes and alumni's - to meet, to have a coffee etc. (booking is mandatory)

3) The Alumni Board

The Society is managed by SSBT international headquarter in Zug, in close cooperation with the local partners around the world and our own education centers.

4) SSBT newsletter Quarterly – what happens next...

Through our web-based newsletters the alumni can always keep up with what happens around the world.

Our Network share their network via Facebook. Apply for membership at your local SSBT representative office.

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