1.   Our Charter for Inclusivity

At SSBT we are committed to working together to build a learning community founded on equality of opportunity - a learning community which celebrates the rich diversity of our student and staff populations. Discriminatory behaviour has no place in our community and will not be tolerated.


Within a spirit of respecting difference, our equality and diversity policies promise equal treatment and opportunity for all regardless of gender, sexuality, race, colour, disability, religion, age, and ethnicity or nationality. We call on all members of our community to make a personal commitment to these aims.

2.   General Statement of our Equality and Diversity Policy

The achievement of genuine equality of opportunity is at the heart of our mission as a provider of higher education. We aim to build a learning community which exhibits the diverse range of skills and experience which cannot be found within any single group of students or staff. In pursuing this aim, we want our community to value and to be at ease with its own diversity and to reflect the needs of the wider community within which we operate.

Although we accept all of our responsibilities under current legislation, we aim to reach beyond the strict confines of the law to provide equality of opportunity for all. We will continue to formulate and implement policies to that end.

3.   Responsibility

Every member of our community has a moral and legal responsibility to promote equal treatment within that community and to respect its diversity.

The Head of HR is responsible for matters relating to equality of opportunity in employment, for developing policies which meet legislation and best practice, for monitoring the impact of these policies on different minority groups, and for providing relevant employment statistics.

All staff and students are responsible for ensuring that their actions are carried out in accordance with this policy. They may be held personally to account should their actions fall sort of the requirements of this policy in any way.

4.   Applicability

This Policy covers all aspects of employment and academic life, including advertisements, recruitment, induction, pay, conditions of service, staff development, change management, promotions, grievance and disciplinary procedures, course development, student admissions, learning and teaching, and assessment. It applies also to relationships with other institutions and with suppliers and contractors. The Policy applies to the treatment of potential as well as existing employees and students.

5.   Equality and Diversity: Employment

We are committed to being an equal opportunities employer. We wish to see people from all groups in our society represented at all levels of employment, to ensure that no available talent is overlooked and to provide role models for our students.

Recruitment and Selection

All stages of recruitment and selection will be conducted in accordance with our Recruitment and Selection Policy and Procedure.

All members of staff who serve on appointments committees will receive mandatory training and support.


All staff will take part in induction programmes tailored to their needs.


Policy in respect of the probation procedures for new staff will reflect the principles contained in this Policy.


Opportunities for promotion will be openly advertised.

Promotion procedures will be based on an objective assessment of candidates against published criteria.

Staff development

Staff at all levels and in all areas of work will have an equal right of access to the training and development they need. Uniform and equitable criteria will be applied, and the value of the provision to the individual and the institution will be monitored. We will seek to avoid perceived imbalances in the allocation of resources for training and development.

Disciplinary and grievance procedures

Staffs who believe that they have been discriminated against by virtue of their membership of an under-represented group in any disciplinary or grievance procedure will be encouraged to pursue the matter in accordance with the spirit of this Policy. We will routinely monitor all actions under the grievance and disciplinary procedures by gender, ethnicity and disability.

Equality and Diversity: learning and teaching

We are committed to ensuring that all students, both actual and potential, enjoy equality of opportunity and are free from any experiences of any form of discrimination whether direct, indirect or through victimisation. We recognise that the content of our academic programmes helps to inform our students' belief in our commitment to diversity. We will seek to ensure that all programmes promote equality with respect to gender, sexual orientation, race, colour, disability, religion, age, and ethnic or national origin. We will urge our staff to avoid making assumptions and having expectations of our students based on stereotypes of how particular groups perform or behave. The religious heritage, scientific, technological and mathematical achievements, visual arts, music and literatures of non-Western societies and other groups will be appropriately represented in our learning materials.

Student recruitment

We are committed to promoting access to higher education to under-represented and socially excluded communities.

Admissions practices will be free from unlawfully discriminatory criteria. Questions relating to the applicant's race, ethnic origin, age, disability, religion, gender, colour, sexuality, marital status or family responsibility will not form part of the selection process.

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