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Why choose us ?

You can explore the world while studying with us. We have built up our network internationally, in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Egypt, and more, creating more opportunities and freedom for students to study anywhere at any level desired.

We offer a very fair tuition fee for students from developing countries

We understand that young people may struggle with finances when deciding to study overseas.

We believe that students in any country have the right to study overseas to pursue their dreams and to contribute to their countries.

At SSBT, students are committed to receiving good quality learning with the fairest tuition fees.

Challenges that people tell you about studying overseas, will be your myth after joining our pre-departure program. You will never feel nervous and lost in foreign countries because you will learn the target languages intensively and experience real Western culture before departing to Switzerland.

As an entry requirement of our degree program, you need to have both a local language such as German or French and English. Learning German/ French will give you more chances to look for internship opportunities in local businesses and English skills will strengthen your confidence in the "Star" hospitality market.

If you wonder why we provide only Business & Management studies, Hospitality Management courses, and Technology training, our aim becomes quality rather than quantity with greater learning potential. We continuously adjust and improve our programs, which match the requirements of the competitive global market.

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